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Tired of starting out strong and not achieving “God-sized” goals?


Are you ready to live out that dream that keeps calling your name?


This is your time to stop struggling and ACHIEVE His purpose-filled goals and dreams for your life!


Just in case you’re wondering if this is just another quick “fix my life in 7 seconds” course, it’s not.


Keep reading if you’re truly ready for a LIFE CHANGE.


Hi, I'm

Jesus freak, wife, mom, ministry leader, coach and serial entrepreneur that’s striving for excellence, not perfection.


Can I ask you a few personal questions?

Does this sound like you? 

I know that I’m supposed to do (fill in the blank) for God but I can’t get my act together

I always start out strong but I get distracted with life stuff

I’m not sure what I should be doing but what I’m doing now isn’t working

I’m not (fill in the blank) enough to achieve that big goal

Aren’t you tired of hearing those negative voices?

The truth is that was me. I was great at setting lofty, God-sized goals but horrible at seeing them through to completion.


I took a bunch of the “21-days to this” and “30-days to that” courses/challenges/webinars/workshops that gave me a few weeks of change and then guess what?


I went back to the same old hit or miss dance with reaching my goals.


So, what changed?

I had a personal life crisis that caused me to think about the goals I had set in every area of my life and wondered what kind of legacy I would leave for my family. Knowing that setting goals wasn’t enough, I began my journey to figure out the way to become a Godly Goal-Getter for life. I researched successfully achieving goals, watched videos, read books, and talked to people who were consistently hitting their goals. Out of this, my mission to create the Godly Goal-Getter course was born. Here’s what I discovered…

21 or 30 days isn’t enough time to counteract the self-sabotaging habits that are practiced for years

Crushing God-sized goals needs a combination of deep faith AND a well-thought-out plan with bit-sized, down-to-earth steps

It’s necessary to have a safe place to share big goals and be open to accountability

21 or 30 days isn’t enough time to counteract the


habits that are practiced for years

Crushing God-sized goals needs a combination of deep faith AND a well-thought-out plan

with bit-sized,

down-to-earth steps


It’s necessary to have a safe place to share big goals and be open to accountability


The techniques I uncovered CHANGED MY LIFE! I was so excited and thrilled that I had to share them with family and friends to make sure that it wasn’t just me. Guess what? It worked for them too! I just couldn’t keep it to myself so I shared the techniques with my clients and I’m sure you’ve already guessed that it worked for them.


Godly Goal-Getter is the investment that your future self will thank you for. It’s the pivotal moment that will change the course of your life forever. I have to admit that sounds like a pretty audacious statement. The fact is that the methods used in Godly Goal-Getter helped my clients to…

Start businesses 

Improve relationships

Write books 

Become international speakers

Find their life purpose 

Start non-profit organizations

Grow their business from under $200k to over $1.7M

And so much more!


Godly Goal-Getter is a powerful and engaging, 1 year live coaching course packed with 48 lessons! That’s 4 lessons each month designed to lead you on a step-by-step journey to break through EVERY obstacle blocking your purpose and destiny!

You will gain the confidence and courage to achieve a lifestyle of...


embracing and utilizing your God-given superpowers (aka gifts)


loving God and loving yourself so you can truly love people


implementing results-driven techniques to reach God-sized goals


In this life-changing Godly Goal-Getter course you’ll learn…

How to uncover and conquer limiting beliefs

The proven techniques used to defeat self-sabotaging habits

How to sharpen your goal-setting skills to help you set realistic targets 

Ways to develop a focused mindset

How to incorporate the empowerment of accountability 

How to leave a legacy of Power, Love & Self-Discipline

If you’re ready to embrace a purpose that is greater than your own, to become the person you are destined to be in all areas of your life… Let’s go!

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Yes, this course is about reaching your goals but I think that you already know that it’s so much bigger than that. It’s about being a living legacy of Power, Love & Self-Discipline

Each lesson is designed to help you create a lifetime habit of setting and achieving big goals, small goals and in-between goals. Now is the right time to end your hit or miss dance with the important goals that keep calling your name. 

The lessons are…

Month 1

Get up Dreamer

Month 5

Goal Breakout

Month 9

Relationship Goals

Month 2

Get Started

Month 6

Growth Zone Goals

Month 10

Financial Goals

Month 3

Get in the Habit

Month 7

Spiritual & Mental Goals

Month 11

Business - Professional - Ministry Goals

Month 4

Godly Goal-Getter Mindset

Month 8

Health & Fitness Goals

Month 12

Recreation & Fun Goals

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For a limited time, you’ll gain access to a year of life-changing coaching, weekly connection points for focus and motivation, 12 step-by-step monthly guides, a private online community, resources galore and access to so much more!

Godly Goal-Getter is valued at over $5,000 for the coaching alone!

You can gain access for ONLY $2,295 for an entire year of coaching!

(payment plans available)


That's right, a full-year of coaching to make this the year that your future self will thank you for.

Throughout this one-year course,

you will have access to:

live group coaching sessions

weekly connection points to keep you focused and moving forward

monthly guides with weekly and daily exercises

access to a private community to connect with like minded women

additional monthly resources to help you solidify your new lifestyle

Achieve goals in every area of your life:

Spiritual & Mental Well-Being

Health & Fitness



Business - Professional - Ministry

Recreation & Fun


This offer is valid for a limited time and there’s limited space.

I’m excited to invest in a small group of godly, ambitious women that know it’s their time to step into their destiny.


Are you ready to invest in you?


Don't let another day pass you by. I’m only opening the course sign-up twice a year.

I think I heard you say that you’re ready to GET STARTED

You have dreams, Godly Goal-Getter

is the course to help you get it!

Get access to my LIFE-CHANGING 1 Year LIVE COACHING course today to achieve your God-sized goals. The Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month Coaching Course will help you learn to have a lifestyle of Power, Love and Self-Discipline!

Are you ready to change your life?

About Sabrina...

I'm a faith-filled woman who is determined to live out big God-sized dreams with Power, Love & Self-Discipline. I'm a wife, mom, serial entrepreneur, ministry leader, leadership & business coach and course creator. I enjoy giving an encouraging word, drinking coffee, listening to empowering audio books, I laugh a lot (loudly), been known to cry happy tears and I'm a sucker for "feel good" movies, superheroes, comedies and playing games.

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