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Feeling burnt-out, stressed, and lacking energy? Leading difficult people? Wondering if you're "good enough" to lead? Battling a secret desire to give up on your ministry?

You are not alone.

Thousands of pastors and ministers leave their ministries each year. Many are showing up to serve with a smile on their face while hopelessly suffering in silence. When it becomes too much to handle, they quit. This leaves a gaping hole where they once served. What if there was a way for pastors and ministers to have peace of mind and effectively lead at church?


Hi, I'm

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month

My calling is to minister to those that minister to others.



My personal ministry journey and connection to hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders for over two decades, has given me a backstage pass to the true struggles of women in ministry. Many have expressed struggles with:

  • loneliness in the midst of a crowd of people

  • feeling overwhelmed with balancing church, family and work

  • not being -good, smart, connected, etc.- enough to lead

  • feeling undervalued or underappreciated as a woman in leadership

  • healing from being deeply wounded by family and church members

  • having no time to rest or take care of themselves

Eventually, these struggles lead to frustration, arguments, disappointments, burnout, anxiety, depression and so much more that we don't want to admit. When the head isn't functioning well, the entire body will suffer. My calling is to

"equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ."

- Ephesians 4:12


How do you lead effectively when you're not doing well? How do you avoid the temptation to press on and pray that things will miraculously work out? What do you do when there's nothing left to give those you've been entrusted to lead?

Leading @ Church without Losing Your Mind

This impactful 5-Day Challenge is intentionally designed for women that are lead pastors, co-pastors, first ladies and ministry leaders. With my decades of experience working with women in ministry leadership, I've identified a unique combination of obstacles that many have secretly wrestled with. These proven strategies have helped many women to overcome their struggles.


Leading @ Church without Losing Your Mind is 5 days of focusing on the most impactful techniques that have produced significant life-changing results for my clients and co-laborers in ministry.


You will learn how to...

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month

Guard your Time and Set Boundaries in Ministry

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month

Find Rest and Healing for your Mind, Body & Soul

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month

Embrace your Strengths as the Woman Who Leads

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month

Identify Strategies to Win with Difficult People

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month

Connect with Fellow Pastors and Ministry Leaders

An Overview of What's Included...

Clock and Plant

Day 1


Your Time

Happy Traveler

Day 2


Your Mindset

A Supportive Hug

Day 3

Winning with Difficult People

Prayer Group

Day 4

Tapping Into New Strength

Day 5

#SelfCare is



How much?


Yep, it's FREE, no cost, zero dollars, no credit card required. This is my giveback to those who have given so much. I want you to be blessed to keep pursuing your call for God's people. That's it. No further obligations. Sign Up, Show Up & Get Built Up

5 days of powerful and engaging challenges, that will change your life and your ministry. Each day you will receive step-by-step guidance on how to break through obstacles that have blocked you from operating as your best self. Are you ready?

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About Sabrina...

I'm a faith-filled woman who is determined to live out big God-sized dreams with Power, Love & Self-Discipline. I'm a wife, mom, serial entrepreneur, ministry leader, leadership & business coach and course creator. I enjoy giving an encouraging word, drinking coffee, listening to empowering audio books, I laugh a lot (loudly), been known to cry happy tears and I'm a sucker for "feel good" movies, superheroes, comedies and playing games.

Sabrina R. - Godly Goal-Getter 12-Month